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Thursday, March 25, 2010 Y 2:50 PM

I'm very free.. just that i got no mood to update. thats all..and i already lose all my readers ahaha..

CNY post! which should be a month ago ahaha.. lazyness.. no cure d..
i'm only going to study when may intake..at ktar.. for A-levels..
by that time should be very busy d.. now still slacking at home..
well..most of them see this photos at facebook d..for those who dun have facebook then get to see it here la~

camwhore~! at zjun house when CNY!

all sitting and stoning..hahaha.. normal chit chat session we always have..
and zjun force us to eat! haha!
his snacks rocks lol with tons of chocolate..haha~

Then head to alicia house..for dinner and first time visiting her new house.. $$nya..hahaha
took photo with nicholas!

cutenya.. i look so old. lol

another one..haha

close up! zjun's favourite and wanna make him as his son. lol

and then went out to padang.. very cooling punya padang there..
windy and all.. nice place to chill out.. :)

camwhore with hueyling~

hahaha camwhore~ :P

then four of us took one picture..look nice huh~

before leaving also took another picture d..
so long din see each other d.. wonder when's the next time we will see each other again..
high skol life..goes to the end d..new chapter of life starting soon..

mine havent start ler.. waiting for.. MAY :)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010 Y 11:23 PM

Feel like im only updating one month once.. so few and the visitors is like getting dam less d..
gonna be a short update ni... :D

Last Saturday off day so went out to eat at a new place with colin

A kinda special restaurant..

Quite a nice place to hang out + eat + yumcha
for me at first looks like a modernize pasar + hawker centre with nice food. (sounds like i downgrade that place. Sorry and No offends =X)
given a special card to chop on and then bill later.. quite yeng yeah :D
will go back to place if next time still got chance.. xD

The foods i share with colin~
some cheese carbonara.. nice n cheesyy

my new fav food!
Rosti with cheese sausage..so niceee.. arhhhh :D

Colin's sauteed mushroom.. lol

My chocolate milkshake! NICE :D

Then ate till dam full..wanna vomit d.. lols
went for movies after that...

Percy Jackson & The lightning thief

i go browse through online after watching it.. ppl saying that this is something like gonna replace harry potter oh O_O
watever i dun care.. but this is really a nice movie to watch!
didnt regret watching it though.. thumbs up..good movie!!

The most yeng character i think..

Don't look into her eyes.. u will become stone xD
Dam scary snake head..ewww =X..

gtg..update next bout cny outing at alicia new house..xD

Friday, January 29, 2010 Y 12:08 AM

Currently working at big bookshop
find me, if you want to :D

Tuesday, January 19, 2010 Y 5:32 PM

have been looking through my old blog post.. last time my blog post all seriously crap a lot..
crap all sorts of stuffs.. so detail.. nowadays all very simplified one.. short short simply cin cai type finish d then POST. LOL.

After leaving high skol.. very seldom got the chance to see all the frens d.. like some i din even see them d after spm last day O.O all duno go where.. must be at taylors..sunway.. blah blah blah..

Last Week, tuesday we went to 1 Utama to celebrate Alicia's 18 birthday~
Thanks to Alicia Kaufuchai send us go there >.>
When i'm at the car.. very not nice feeling.. sat at wrong place.. sun keep shining on me... -__-
and something which i dunwan to mention.. just glad that arrive at 1 utama d that time. dam happy.. cause i want go TOILET. HAHA.

1st thing we did is.. go makan..
ate porridge.. thanks to alicia's kaufuchai again for belanja us. O.O very generous.

Then we walked around.. go shopping etc.. and took photo inside those shops.. i dono wat izit call.. very new thing for me. LOL
bought stuffs for new year shirts..pants..

zjun and alicia at FOS.. the shop keeper stop me n yinli from taking photo d so dun have both of us inside laa.. LOL

then took photo in padini also..

look into the mirrors.. =D

Another one with yinli~

Randomness of alicia and yinli.. chating.. lol

Then went to topshop..topman..
bought jeans! glad that got my size and the price is still okayyyyyy
so i bought it..weee.. zjun bought cardigan...

tried on the cardigan too.. but.. not so for me i guess.. dun really like it
but rmb to camwhore xD

next place we head to.. blook~


Last time alicia came edi aim this shop..so she go in..
spend a lot of $$$$ etc etc.. bought a lot stuffs.. and get a free dinner purse..
and get to fish a fish.. LOL..

bought jeans for her birthday.. three of us shared.. :)

after all the shopping is already 3++ so dam freaking late
and im dam hungry.. keep complaining to them.. hahaaa..

went zanmai for tea.. lol too late to refer as lunch d..
alicia belanja.. =D

zjun eating sushi.. nice one..





we bought a cake for alicia.. black forest cake..
then she insisted to bring it along..so can eat la..
then duno izit shopping walking all those activities TOO SYOK d...
end up


showing her sad face for the smashed cake~ (LOL awww)

still nids to present the cake~

cut cake lo~ kinda strange ahahaha
cut cake at sushi shop. LOL

eating cakes using chopsticks~ not easy xD

forgotten y she show that face. LOL
must be looking at the sushi's
yinli first time try zanmai's sushi..according to wat she told us. LOL

then she calculates her bill. i guess. LOL


zjun shot this.. yinli calculating her bill and showed that face to the camera~ lol

chocolate.. my fav...yum yum :D

yinli with the blook bagg

and she drinks the tea. LOL

the zanmai thingi.. my shot xD like it~

got bored.. me n zjun tried camwhore using DSLR!


zjun;s turn

me n zjun~

n zjun n yinli~

alicia drink tea face.. LOL

the camwhore sleeping -zjun =X

big zoom in of alicia's face. LOL
which should be like this~ ==~

then we pose with the menu of zanmai~
feel like ambassador ahaha



me~ last to pose HAHA
then with nikon case wth

there goes zjun~ lol

changed another background to continue our photo taking thingi.. when out of the mall to the playground.. xD which i requested to go xD

the three's..

another three~

outside of one utama~ a lot car hahaa

anoother three

nice shot by alicia~

the super dirty river which gives yinli the reaction of 'yiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii' LOL

the big mcvalue lunch ads~

time to pose for more~

at all diff positions @@

the big board u can see when u drive through from outside~

The last shot before we went in~


the new dark chocolate orange

they serve us with water mix with lemon which yinli complain very strange =X
but i think its damn nice to have it while eating ice cream.. :D

The ice-cream! very nice and attractive colours

the big plate..

zooooommmm in xD

what we bought for the day~~

then went to movies.. vampire's assistant..
not bad..but somehow the story a bit strange.. just ended like that.. should have the 2nd one i guess..

went to garden for dinner..

some blueberry tea?

the chicken cutlet.. dun like it
very very hard chicken.. make me also feel lazy to eat it d.. sienz -__-

then went back..around 11+...
finally update finish..arhhhhhhhhhhhh tiredd =X



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