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Thursday, March 25, 2010 Y 2:50 PM

I'm very free.. just that i got no mood to update. thats all..and i already lose all my readers ahaha..

CNY post! which should be a month ago ahaha.. lazyness.. no cure d..
i'm only going to study when may intake..at ktar.. for A-levels..
by that time should be very busy d.. now still slacking at home..
well..most of them see this photos at facebook d..for those who dun have facebook then get to see it here la~

camwhore~! at zjun house when CNY!

all sitting and stoning..hahaha.. normal chit chat session we always have..
and zjun force us to eat! haha!
his snacks rocks lol with tons of chocolate..haha~

Then head to alicia house..for dinner and first time visiting her new house.. $$nya..hahaha
took photo with nicholas!

cutenya.. i look so old. lol

another one..haha

close up! zjun's favourite and wanna make him as his son. lol

and then went out to padang.. very cooling punya padang there..
windy and all.. nice place to chill out.. :)

camwhore with hueyling~

hahaha camwhore~ :P

then four of us took one picture..look nice huh~

before leaving also took another picture d..
so long din see each other d.. wonder when's the next time we will see each other again..
high skol life..goes to the end d..new chapter of life starting soon..

mine havent start ler.. waiting for.. MAY :)


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